Postpartum Confidence feat. PinkBlush

If I have learned one thing during this postpartum journey it is that bouncing back just isn’t so easy. Losing weight and feeling confident doesn’t come so easily for me. I will forever envy the women who can eat all the guilt free ice cream they want. I think society focuses so much on body image and every woman tries so hard to “think skinny” these days, we often forget how to “think beautiful.”

Some women leave the hospital with that sweet little baby and look like they were never even pregnant.. Some women hit the gym once the doctor says its okay and they lost the weight ever so easily. And some women, like myself, struggle. I have learned over the past few weeks that I just want to feel good. I may not be the size or shape I desire to be but I have learned that that, for me, takes time and is something I’m going to have to work for. I have started a pretty good workout routine that I hope to share with you in the next few days.

So my motto for myself right now is “Look good, feel good.” What that means for me is that even if my size is bigger than I want it to be, this is me and I am beautiful. To start this “look good feel good journey” I had to get some new clothes and naturally, my go-to is PinkBlush! This trendy online boutique is one of my absolute favorites out there. One of the first time I left the house I threw on the previous green maxi I have from them and it was the best fit especially being a few days PP! So when I started looking around I wanted something that accentuated me nicely and was flattering to my figure.

It is so, so hot in California so when I found this Navy Basic Hi-Low Plus Dress, I knew it would be cool, comfy and flattering. This is also available in a maternity dress and not just in plus! Just like anything else I own from PinkBlush, the quality is exceptional and the price is affordable. Above all else the comfort level is 100. I spent my Fourth of July lounging in this very dress and it was so comfortable. Another perk is the scoop neck is perfect for quick and easy on demand feeding. Head to and use the code breannam.sanchez at checkout for a sweet little discount!

Xoxo, Bre!



Growing up with Freshly Picked

As many people know, I love putting my girls in moccasins. I love everything about moccs, from the style and the fit to the story they tell. Now that Khloe is older, her time in moccasins has pretty much come to an end, but lucky for me I have a brand new little girl to put in them! Her collection of freshly picked moccs is growing so fast and I cant wait for her to fit in them.

These first few pairs of moccs that she will wear have got to be my favorite. They are so teeny tiny and they represent a newborn stage that is gone all too soon. The moccs she will wear in the months and years to come will represent so many different phases of Spencer’s life. The ones we have now will represent the new. The brand new, very exciting, barely fit her tiny foot phase.

Eventually, the size will grow and she will grow and then she will crawl. The tips of her moccasins will become worn as they drag across the floor. Her tiny little footprints will be embedded on the inside of the mocc and will become something I cherish forever. THEN, she will learn how to walk. And once she begins to walk, those footprints will make their way to the bottoms of the soles.

From then on, Freshly Picked moccasins will take so many steps with her. Steps around the house, first vacations like to see the ocean or our favorite mouse. She will take walks to the park, the timeout chair, the street fairs and the carnival. When they are old and grown, I can pull out these very shoes and remember these very moments. No matter where she goes, her feet and those memories will forever be stamped on the bottom of her moccs and in the center of my heart.

I struggle daily with knowing that Khloe will never be a baby again, and Spencer wont be one forever. But knowing that I can turn to something so simple as shoes to remind me of just how much love and laughter we share together. My girls are my life and one day I will miss these moments so deeply. Thank you FP, for being so important to me!


Father’s Day with JORD

If anyone has a husband like mine they will understand when I say that the man has anything and everything he could ever want. And if he doesn’t have something, he will just go buy it himself.. But I’m guilty of that too, if I’m being honest. With all of the craziness surrounding us in the past couple of weeks, I realized that Fathers Day would quickly be approaching and I needed to find something and FAST! I also wanted to make sure that I took care of this pronto, before out little bean made her arrival because I knew the reality of my “new normal” would mean I had much less time to shop.

When deciding what to get him I was literally stumped. Clothes? No.. Shoes? No.. WHAT WAS I GOING TO GET?! Then I stumbled across Jord on Instagram and I was SOLD! My hubby is not the GQ type. He’s not interested in the Rolex on his wrist and the fancy shoes on his feet. He is more of a, boots and jeans, get down and dirty kinda guy.. This beautiful wooden accessory just screamed Gabe’s name and I knew right away I was finished shopping! I knew it would be something he would love and something that he could wear on a daily basis whether it be to work, or to take me on a nice dinner date.. *hint hint*

When the timepiece arrived in the mail I was absolutely blown away by their packaging. Like seriously, Michael Kors aint got nothin on JORD. When shopping online, I love getting packages in the mail that have a nice aesthetic look. I feel it makes things much more personable, rather than just being thrown in a bubble wrapped envelope and calling it good. The wooden box that Jord sends their watch in is beautiful, and something that he can keep his watch in for the years to come. Because lets face it, if it did come in said envelope it would end up thrown on a shelf like everything else the man owns.

I love the watch so much, I have decided to team up with JORD to offer my followers a wonderful opportunity to win a $100 gift certificate to be used on one of their watches! Not only do they have amazing men’s pieces, but they have beautiful women’s accessories as well. They are beautiful, classy and timeless and make the best birthday present, or even a “just cause” gift. Heck, even get a kick start on your Christmas shopping with JORD! Anyone who enters this giveaway, winner or not, will receive a $25 store credit.. and that’s just for entering, so why not! It just takes a few seconds! Click HERE to head to Jord and see what great stuff they have for you to choose from, and get that wish list started!

Follow the link below to enter the giveaway! This giveaway will run from now until July 9, 2017 at 11:59pm. Once the winner is chosen and the credits are given, they will be valid for use until October 29, 2017. Head to: and follow the steps to get entered! The watch I chose for Gabe is a square face with a dark sandalwood and a blue carbon face and can be found HERE! Good luck!


<a id=”woodwatches_com_widget_article”  ishidden=”1″  title=”Luxury Wooden Watch”>Luxury Wooden Watch</a>

Our NICU Journey

Home… I don’t think I could ever be more excited to just be home. And although I am so very excited to be in this very place, I just can’t help but break down and cry. The last few days have been hell { for the lack of a better term } and I think that is just finally sinking in. As I sit here and ponder on what has just transpired, I look at my baby with the most emotion I’ve ever felt in my entire life. We have fought hard for this baby from heartbreak and miscarriage, the hesitation of even trying again, and the fear of miscarrying following along the entire first half of the pregnancy.. I don’t think it actually hit me that this beautiful, dark headed, sisters twin, mama’s chin and daddy nosed baby actually belonged to us until she was in our arms, and even then it didn’t feel real.. 

Three days… we got three days together at home before our entire world was rattled. Tuesday morning I was so, very excited to get us out of the house for the first time.. little did I know, Tuesday would become any parents worst nightmare. What was supposed to be a routine, “one week checkup” turned out to be a rush to the labs and a few short hours later a frantic phone call from the pediatrician who lost me at “go through the main entrance and tell them you’re there for a general admit.” After those words spewed out of her mouth, everything just went fuzzy. I melted.. I broke down into a million pieces. I had to take my baby.. my precious S I X day old baby to the hospital.. without hesitation we jumped in the truck and headed to Children’s.. everyone assured me that it would be fine… she just needed to be under the lights for a day or two and we would get to be right back home.. wrong, they were wrong.

As I was still trying to wrap my head around the simple fact that Spencer would just be in the hospital in general, things and information were being thrown at me all at once and it all started to just mesh together. It was like I was in my very own episode of Greys Anatomy.. jewelry off, scrub in from the elbows down, pump in this designated area, this wire goes here, that IV goes there… WOAH. Once I comprehended what was going on and got myself settled in, things got really scary really fast.. Spencer became unresponsive.. my baby was laying there lifeless, just breathing. She would not move, she would not react, she wouldn’t even so much as pucker her lips.. life around us became very hectic very fast. Large carts with extra long needles and nurses in full surgical attire filled our room. Paper work was thrown at me and my signature was needed multiple times.. I had no idea what was happening, or really what I was signing to be honest. I just knew I had to do it to help my baby.

The nurses rushed me out of the room and down the hallway as they started to stick an 8 inch needle in my little girls back.. she let out a heart wrenching scream that will forever be embedded into my brain. The walk down that hallway seemed to be the longest of my life. It was like a prison, doors upon doors, security cameras, and a somber mood filled in around me. I sat in a chair and melted. I let it all out. The cries, the whys, the gasps for air that still left me suffocating. All of it hit me at once like a big ass semi truck. About ten minutes later they wheeled our girl down the hallway and into “isolation” where there were nurses eyes on her at every moment of every second, and the little boy next door had to have his diaper changed through holes in an incubator which made my heart hurt even more than it already did. 

We finally got to see a doctor who described things to us that, at the time, I couldn’t pronounce or even remember to save my life. Metabolic diseseases, maybe meningitis, possible brain damage from the extremely high bilirubin levels circling through her blood and attacking her liver.. only time and science would tell what was making our baby sick. She sat under SEVEN lights for almost two days, her incubator was wrapped in foil for better light reflection, and she had 15 or so wires super glued to her head to monitor her brain activity to determine if the brain was in fact damaged. We spent about 24 hours in isolation before Spencer became stable enough to head back down that sad, prison-like hallway to a private room where she was taken off of all but three lights and I could maybe get a little bit of sleep, being as the room wasn’t lit up like the Fourth of July. 

Thursday morning my body went into shock., from what exactly, I’m not too sure. I was very quickly awakened at 5:30am with the shakes and the tremors and the worst stomach ache I think I’ve ever had. My entire body was convulsing. I was freezing cold and could not get warm until I closed my eyes and got in a little nap. Finally mid morning the doctor allowed for her to come off of the lights. Praise the good Lord above, things we’re looking up for us. I was finally able to hold my baby for the first time in three days. I could breastfeed, and I could just feel her warmth with no glasses over her eyes and no lights restricting how much time I could touch her for. My nurse Thursday evening was a Godsend (they all were amazing and I could not have asked for a better experience) however this particular nurse intercepted me at her 1 am feeding and told me to go back to sleep because I would need it for when we got home.. and again at 4.. she fed and changed Spenc for me both times so that for the first time in almost 4 days I could actually really sleep. 

This morning I woke up so hopeful that we would get to go home. In four days I had not seen sun, I had not felt fresh air, I had not eaten a real hot meal that didn’t come in a brown bag or from a warmer in the cafeteria. I had been alternating the same 2 outfits because I refused to go home. I refused to leave that baby’s side for longer than maybe five minutes, to only run down stairs and fetch myself some coffee.. I looked in the mirror and realized I had probably lost 15 pounds, and had bags so big I could name them. I am EXHAUSTED. I have taken in more information in the past four days than I have in the past four months. I have held my shit together better than I ever thought I could have. When I wanted to break down, I sucked it up and kept my composure which, let me just say, is probably a hundred times harder when you’re so exhausted and all you want to do is cry. I missed my baby, so much. My heart hurt because I hadn’t seen Khloe in days.. that she was so confused on where her mommy and her sissy went. Not to mention, with all the emotions that come about when you have your second, I felt as though SHE may have felt abandoned by me and that hurt.. 

I will say this a million times over.. PRAISE GOD that all of her test results came back negative! She was healthy, her bilirubin was staying down, and we were finally able to go home. Well now I’m home and all those emotions I had been bottling up are coming to the surface. I sit and look at my baby and feel so, so bad for her. She is covered in scabs, she has multiple bruises from the many IV attempts, she has reside on her body from all the tapes, cords & wires and she has clumps of glue in her hair and on her neck and chin from the neuro scan. I feel bad for myself. I never in a million years thought those words would escape my mouth but right now, I really really do. I feel so blessed and so grateful for all the AMAZING people who have been so good to me through this, better than I even deserve. People who have never met me, people who I haven’t talked to in years, and people who just love our family so much. Everyone has been praying, everyone has been reaching out and everyone has been so wonderful to me. 

So I just sit here and cry.. all of that mashed in one, hot mess, barely holding it together, can hardly keep my eyes open, me.. has me an emotional roller coaster. If I have learned anything over the course of the past few days it is that I am stronger than I know and braver than I ever believed I was. But above all else I have been reminded that I am a mother. And a damn good one at that.. and I am so, so proud of myself. I have exceeded my own expectations of myself and now that has me crying even more. And on the days where I doubt that very fact, I will remind myself of this week. This is motherhood.. not the edited photos, the hashtags, the followers, the name brand clothes, the luxurious vacations, or the giant play dates.. this down right scary and dirty living hell I have been through the past four days is real life, raw motherhood. I have decided to share a few photos below and they are not easy to look at.. but we are home, we are healthy, and we are happy. Now I will go hug my babies just a little tighter tonight.


Hospital Must-Haves

Well I’m finally rounding out the end of this pregnancy and I must say, I’m a little bummed. Compared to my pregnancy with Khloe, this one has been a breeze! I’ve been dreading packing that hospital bag but I guess it’s time as I creep up on my 37th week in a few days. Being a C-Section mama, we will be in that dreaded hospital for 3 days. My date is officially scheduled and this little girl will be making her appearance on May 31st! Unless she decides to come early, of course. So here I go on packing that bag, but first I wanted to share a few of the must haves I will be packing!

I scored this super cute market style bag at target for $35 and I thought it was too cute to pass up.. It is the perfect size for my stuff to be packed in and will be very easily accessible for me to get into once baby comes. The mint bag on the left is from Kiki Lu and it is SO cute and spacious! So all of little girls stuff will be going in there! For her, nice comfy swaddles are a must! Some of my favorite swaddles are Lou Lou & Company, Modern Burlap & Me & Mama! Of course a cute going home outfit with adorable bows are a must, but I cannot share our gorgeous going home set because it would give away her name. Also going with me will be my Premama Lactation Supplements to help me get my supply established right away!

For me, the most important thing is comfort.. I’m going to be there for three days and with my first, a C-Section want planned so I was very unprepared. This adorable floral print robe is handmade by my good friend Eryn at Me & Mama and it is SO comfy. It will be absolutely perfect for after I have baby and even at home for easy access breastfeeding. I want nothing tight around my waste so maternity leggings are a must! They stay tight around the belly for comfort but don’t hug or bother your incision.

But lets just talk about this dress. I got this dress from PinkBlush for summertime but as soon as it arrived in the mail I knew I just had to put it in my bag. The material is SO soft and when I say so soft I mean absolutely buttery soft. It is flowy in all the right places and guys, it has POCKETS!  It has slits up both sides that make it so comfortable and cool for summer and it can be tied in the front for a high-low effect. The best part about this adorable maternity dress is that it is the perfect summer staple for your maternity wardrobe, but will also NOT get thrown to the back of the closet and can be worn way after baby. I lounged around in the house and then headed to our local farmers market and got so many compliments!

This dress is comfortable, fasionable, versatile and beautiful! It comes in this olive color (which channels my inner cactus lover) as well as four other colors including: black, blue, light blue, and salmon! PinkBlush has won me over.. From their maternity, to their plus and even their shoes and accessories, they have NEVER disappointed me! I could spend our entire life saving at PinkBlush and not feel bad about it. Quality is everything friends! I have been given an exclusive discount code for all of my followers. Use the code breannam.sanchez at checkout for 15% off your entire order!

Happy shopping.. (Links available at the end of post)

Xoxo, Bre18403430_10212917292785472_7105894992621224553_n18403685_10212917293185482_739231861596312527_n18485658_10212917294505515_8280231263537626411_n (2)18425113_10212917296545566_3521355209872378650_n18446723_10212917295305535_838741943849420146_n18425481_10212917294545516_2515722656393805606_n18425362_10212917296265559_3925399757946381700_n18423903_10212917293745496_6231704391046278227_n18424006_10212917292625468_8413064830516464213_n18446958_10212917295705545_7468098464294871814_n18447404_10212917295385537_5717119776470174632_n18485302_10212917296305560_5757005209256909521_n18485892_10212917294105505_6897625367300000487_n (2)18486118_10212917293025478_6709378991417565360_n

PinkBlush Olive Maxi

Me & Mama Robe

Kiki Lu Diaper Bag in Mint

Maternity Leggings

Lou Lou and Company Swaddles

Straw Pom Tote

Premama Supplements


Potty Training: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Oh dear potty training, how we have met again. Khloe has been one of the easiest and most well behaved babies we could have ever asked for, especially being first time parents at a young age. She has been a completely independent sleeper (no co sleeping), dropped the pacifier without ever looking back and the bottle followed shortly after. Potty training, however… I had no such luck.

We went for three rounds of using the good ole john.. We bought three different potties and toilet seats for her and she hated every single one of them. Finally on the fourth round of giving it a try, we got it! Well mostly.. Day one was a rocky one with a few accidents but mostly a lot of holding it and being stubborn. Finally in the middle of the day I had her convinced that Elsa too goes on the potty and she finally went pee! From then on out we have had Z E R O pee accidents.. Poop on the other hand was a little more difficult to catch on to. For four weeks straight this kid pooped her pants if not every day, every other day.

All sorts of bribery had been exhausted from promised trips, gallons of ice cream and Elsa panties were all denied and never taken seriously by this stubborn little two year old we have on our hands. SO my last ditch effort was to SHOW her exactly how disgusting it was to poop in her panties. Anyone who knows Khloe knows that she absolutely despises anything on her hands from dirt, to chocolate residue and everything in between. That being said, this mama was determined to make her get her hands dirty..

Let me just spare you all the gory details and let you know that if you are trying to get your little to poop in the toilet all you need to do is make them do it themselves. From then on out every time she pooped in her panties, it was her duty to dispose of it properly.. From taking her undies off, putting the poop in the toilet with her bare hands, getting a very nice talking to, and then hosing the undies off and putting them in the wash. After three rough go rounds, we FINALLY had it down and I can officially say that this little girl is 100% potty trained!

Now that we have one out of diapers we are bringing one home in diapers very shortly.. But I am okay with that because these are the moments I truly live for and although I was not fond of her pooping her pants, one day I will wish that she needed me to wipe her booty just one last time. Please enjoy the following photos I took to document all the craziness.. Ps.. I may have enjoyed the hosing off part just a little too much.





Pinkblush Maternity

Finding out I was  F I N A L L Y pregnant has got to be one of the most exciting moments of my life. All the things that come after that come pretty dang close to being just as exciting. One of the most obvious things about pregnancy is of course, your bump! Dressing a prego belly is so much fun but at times can be discouraging. Some days you feel the glow, and others you just feel bloated and not so pretty.

There are also many times during your pregnancy where you will need staple maternity outfits for things like gender reveals, baby showers, maternity pictures and even after birth! My number one go to is PinkBlush! PinkBlush is an online boutique specializing in maternity fashion. They have some of the most beautiful maternity dresses, including this one that I wore for our recent maternity photos! When you’re a mama-to-be, you should feel beautiful (of course) but most importantly, comfortable! PinkBlush is THE BEST quality and is so comfy.. Literally guys, I would sleep in this dress! The best part about it is that I can also wear it after baby. SO it’s not just something that will get thrown to the back of the closet! The options are endless over at PinkBlush from blouses and bottoms, to delivery and nursing robes and everything in between! AND they come in all shapes and sizes, including plus! You can find their beautiful and flattering plus selection here!

Of course my dear friend Taylor is the face behind the camera of these photos. She never disappoints and I cannot wait to see what shots she gets of our new baby sister. We had a very cranky baby for this session and she worked wonders with her. In fact, I’m not sure how she got so many great shots of her! She recently changed her name from TMPhotojunkie to Oh Lovely Photography, so head over there to check out some of her latest work and to get some prices! Book a session while you’re there and tell her I sent ya!

To see everything PinkBlush has offer, head over to PinkBlush now! To find this specific dress I have on in this shoot, head to shoppinkblush next! It is their signature wrap dress, is so, SO comfy, compliments the belly so well, and comes in a beautiful red as well as the white I have on below! Happy shopping friends..

Xoxo, Bre!