Top Secret Photographer

As a mom, one of my most favorite things is constantly being able to capture photos of our growing family. Recently, a friend of mine invested in a camera of her own and decided to take a stab at the photography world. She approached me and asked me to be one of her test subjects, of course I just couldn’t say no. We started with a mom and me session of just Khloe and I.. After seeing some of the very first edits I was hooked! She has such an eye for this kinda thing and I just knew we had to do some family photos. Then, her second shoot of us got even better! Although we always deal with a very cranky baby when it comes to photoshoots, she worked wonderfully with her and we got so many more quality pictures of her than I expected! When working with kids, it is crucial for a photographer to work well with your children (in my opinon) and she did just that.

This woman really is going to go far if she keeps it up and I cannot wait until I can reveal who this secret gem is! When the time is ready I will the second I can! Here are a few pictures from our shoots.. ENJOY!



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