Potty Training: The Good, Bad & Ugly

Oh dear potty training, how we have met again. Khloe has been one of the easiest and most well behaved babies we could have ever asked for, especially being first time parents at a young age. She has been a completely independent sleeper (no co sleeping), dropped the pacifier without ever looking back and the bottle followed shortly after. Potty training, however… I had no such luck.

We went for three rounds of using the good ole john.. We bought three different potties and toilet seats for her and she hated every single one of them. Finally on the fourth round of giving it a try, we got it! Well mostly.. Day one was a rocky one with a few accidents but mostly a lot of holding it and being stubborn. Finally in the middle of the day I had her convinced that Elsa too goes on the potty and she finally went pee! From then on out we have had Z E R O pee accidents.. Poop on the other hand was a little more difficult to catch on to. For four weeks straight this kid pooped her pants if not every day, every other day.

All sorts of bribery had been exhausted from promised trips, gallons of ice cream and Elsa panties were all denied and never taken seriously by this stubborn little two year old we have on our hands. SO my last ditch effort was to SHOW her exactly how disgusting it was to poop in her panties. Anyone who knows Khloe knows that she absolutely despises anything on her hands from dirt, to chocolate residue and everything in between. That being said, this mama was determined to make her get her hands dirty..

Let me just spare you all the gory details and let you know that if you are trying to get your little to poop in the toilet all you need to do is make them do it themselves. From then on out every time she pooped in her panties, it was her duty to dispose of it properly.. From taking her undies off, putting the poop in the toilet with her bare hands, getting a very nice talking to, and then hosing the undies off and putting them in the wash. After three rough go rounds, we FINALLY had it down and I can officially say that this little girl is 100% potty trained!

Now that we have one out of diapers we are bringing one home in diapers very shortly.. But I am okay with that because these are the moments I truly live for and although I was not fond of her pooping her pants, one day I will wish that she needed me to wipe her booty just one last time. Please enjoy the following photos I took to document all the craziness.. Ps.. I may have enjoyed the hosing off part just a little too much.






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