Hospital Must-Haves

Well I’m finally rounding out the end of this pregnancy and I must say, I’m a little bummed. Compared to my pregnancy with Khloe, this one has been a breeze! I’ve been dreading packing that hospital bag but I guess it’s time as I creep up on my 37th week in a few days. Being a C-Section mama, we will be in that dreaded hospital for 3 days. My date is officially scheduled and this little girl will be making her appearance on May 31st! Unless she decides to come early, of course. So here I go on packing that bag, but first I wanted to share a few of the must haves I will be packing!

I scored this super cute market style bag at target for $35 and I thought it was too cute to pass up.. It is the perfect size for my stuff to be packed in and will be very easily accessible for me to get into once baby comes. The mint bag on the left is from Kiki Lu and it is SO cute and spacious! So all of little girls stuff will be going in there! For her, nice comfy swaddles are a must! Some of my favorite swaddles are Lou Lou & Company, Modern Burlap & Me & Mama! Of course a cute going home outfit with adorable bows are a must, but I cannot share our gorgeous going home set because it would give away her name. Also going with me will be my Premama Lactation Supplements to help me get my supply established right away!

For me, the most important thing is comfort.. I’m going to be there for three days and with my first, a C-Section want planned so I was very unprepared. This adorable floral print robe is handmade by my good friend Eryn at Me & Mama and it is SO comfy. It will be absolutely perfect for after I have baby and even at home for easy access breastfeeding. I want nothing tight around my waste so maternity leggings are a must! They stay tight around the belly for comfort but don’t hug or bother your incision.

But lets just talk about this dress. I got this dress from PinkBlush for summertime but as soon as it arrived in the mail I knew I just had to put it in my bag. The material is SO soft and when I say so soft I mean absolutely buttery soft. It is flowy in all the right places and guys, it has POCKETS!  It has slits up both sides that make it so comfortable and cool for summer and it can be tied in the front for a high-low effect. The best part about this adorable maternity dress is that it is the perfect summer staple for your maternity wardrobe, but will also NOT get thrown to the back of the closet and can be worn way after baby. I lounged around in the house and then headed to our local farmers market and got so many compliments!

This dress is comfortable, fasionable, versatile and beautiful! It comes in this olive color (which channels my inner cactus lover) as well as four other colors including: black, blue, light blue, and salmon! PinkBlush has won me over.. From their maternity, to their plus and even their shoes and accessories, they have NEVER disappointed me! I could spend our entire life saving at PinkBlush and not feel bad about it. Quality is everything friends! I have been given an exclusive discount code for all of my followers. Use the code breannam.sanchez at checkout for 15% off your entire order!

Happy shopping.. (Links available at the end of post)

Xoxo, Bre18403430_10212917292785472_7105894992621224553_n18403685_10212917293185482_739231861596312527_n18485658_10212917294505515_8280231263537626411_n (2)18425113_10212917296545566_3521355209872378650_n18446723_10212917295305535_838741943849420146_n18425481_10212917294545516_2515722656393805606_n18425362_10212917296265559_3925399757946381700_n18423903_10212917293745496_6231704391046278227_n18424006_10212917292625468_8413064830516464213_n18446958_10212917295705545_7468098464294871814_n18447404_10212917295385537_5717119776470174632_n18485302_10212917296305560_5757005209256909521_n18485892_10212917294105505_6897625367300000487_n (2)18486118_10212917293025478_6709378991417565360_n

PinkBlush Olive Maxi

Me & Mama Robe

Kiki Lu Diaper Bag in Mint

Maternity Leggings

Lou Lou and Company Swaddles

Straw Pom Tote

Premama Supplements



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