Father’s Day with JORD

If anyone has a husband like mine they will understand when I say that the man has anything and everything he could ever want. And if he doesn’t have something, he will just go buy it himself.. But I’m guilty of that too, if I’m being honest. With all of the craziness surrounding us in the past couple of weeks, I realized that Fathers Day would quickly be approaching and I needed to find something and FAST! I also wanted to make sure that I took care of this pronto, before out little bean made her arrival because I knew the reality of my “new normal” would mean I had much less time to shop.

When deciding what to get him I was literally stumped. Clothes? No.. Shoes? No.. WHAT WAS I GOING TO GET?! Then I stumbled across Jord on Instagram and I was SOLD! My hubby is not the GQ type. He’s not interested in the Rolex on his wrist and the fancy shoes on his feet. He is more of a, boots and jeans, get down and dirty kinda guy.. This beautiful wooden accessory just screamed Gabe’s name and I knew right away I was finished shopping! I knew it would be something he would love and something that he could wear on a daily basis whether it be to work, or to take me on a nice dinner date.. *hint hint*

When the timepiece arrived in the mail I was absolutely blown away by their packaging. Like seriously, Michael Kors aint got nothin on JORD. When shopping online, I love getting packages in the mail that have a nice aesthetic look. I feel it makes things much more personable, rather than just being thrown in a bubble wrapped envelope and calling it good. The wooden box that Jord sends their watch in is beautiful, and something that he can keep his watch in for the years to come. Because lets face it, if it did come in said envelope it would end up thrown on a shelf like everything else the man owns.

I love the watch so much, I have decided to team up with JORD to offer my followers a wonderful opportunity to win a $100 gift certificate to be used on one of their watches! Not only do they have amazing men’s pieces, but they have beautiful women’s accessories as well. They are beautiful, classy and timeless and make the best birthday present, or even a “just cause” gift. Heck, even get a kick start on your Christmas shopping with JORD! Anyone who enters this giveaway, winner or not, will receive a $25 store credit.. and that’s just for entering, so why not! It just takes a few seconds! Click HERE to head to Jord and see what great stuff they have for you to choose from, and get that wish list started!

Follow the link below to enter the giveaway! This giveaway will run from now until July 9, 2017 at 11:59pm. Once the winner is chosen and the credits are given, they will be valid for use until October 29, 2017. Head to:  https://www.woodwatches.com/g/themed2perfection and follow the steps to get entered! The watch I chose for Gabe is a square face with a dark sandalwood and a blue carbon face and can be found HERE! Good luck!


<a id=”woodwatches_com_widget_article”  ishidden=”1″  title=”Luxury Wooden Watch”>Luxury Wooden Watch</a>

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