Growing up with Freshly Picked

As many people know, I love putting my girls in moccasins. I love everything about moccs, from the style and the fit to the story they tell. Now that Khloe is older, her time in moccasins has pretty much come to an end, but lucky for me I have a brand new little girl to put in them! Her collection of freshly picked moccs is growing so fast and I cant wait for her to fit in them.

These first few pairs of moccs that she will wear have got to be my favorite. They are so teeny tiny and they represent a newborn stage that is gone all too soon. The moccs she will wear in the months and years to come will represent so many different phases of Spencer’s life. The ones we have now will represent the new. The brand new, very exciting, barely fit her tiny foot phase.

Eventually, the size will grow and she will grow and then she will crawl. The tips of her moccasins will become worn as they drag across the floor. Her tiny little footprints will be embedded on the inside of the mocc and will become something I cherish forever. THEN, she will learn how to walk. And once she begins to walk, those footprints will make their way to the bottoms of the soles.

From then on, Freshly Picked moccasins will take so many steps with her. Steps around the house, first vacations like to see the ocean or our favorite mouse. She will take walks to the park, the timeout chair, the street fairs and the carnival. When they are old and grown, I can pull out these very shoes and remember these very moments. No matter where she goes, her feet and those memories will forever be stamped on the bottom of her moccs and in the center of my heart.

I struggle daily with knowing that Khloe will never be a baby again, and Spencer wont be one forever. But knowing that I can turn to something so simple as shoes to remind me of just how much love and laughter we share together. My girls are my life and one day I will miss these moments so deeply. Thank you FP, for being so important to me!



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