Postpartum Confidence feat. PinkBlush

If I have learned one thing during this postpartum journey it is that bouncing back just isn’t so easy. Losing weight and feeling confident doesn’t come so easily for me. I will forever envy the women who can eat all the guilt free ice cream they want. I think society focuses so much on body image and every woman tries so hard to “think skinny” these days, we often forget how to “think beautiful.”

Some women leave the hospital with that sweet little baby and look like they were never even pregnant.. Some women hit the gym once the doctor says its okay and they lost the weight ever so easily. And some women, like myself, struggle. I have learned over the past few weeks that I just want to feel good. I may not be the size or shape I desire to be but I have learned that that, for me, takes time and is something I’m going to have to work for. I have started a pretty good workout routine that I hope to share with you in the next few days.

So my motto for myself right now is “Look good, feel good.” What that means for me is that even if my size is bigger than I want it to be, this is me and I am beautiful. To start this “look good feel good journey” I had to get some new clothes and naturally, my go-to is PinkBlush! This trendy online boutique is one of my absolute favorites out there. One of the first time I left the house I threw on the previous green maxi I have from them and it was the best fit especially being a few days PP! So when I started looking around I wanted something that accentuated me nicely and was flattering to my figure.

It is so, so hot in California so when I found this Navy Basic Hi-Low Plus Dress, I knew it would be cool, comfy and flattering. This is also available in a maternity dress and not just in plus! Just like anything else I own from PinkBlush, the quality is exceptional and the price is affordable. Above all else the comfort level is 100. I spent my Fourth of July lounging in this very dress and it was so comfortable. Another perk is the scoop neck is perfect for quick and easy on demand feeding. Head to and use the code breannam.sanchez at checkout for a sweet little discount!

Xoxo, Bre!



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